Drug Coupons

Growing numbers of Americans with health insurance are walking away from their prescriptions at the pharmacy counters due to rising prescription costs and overall cost of therapies. The latest indication that efforts to contain costs may be curbing health-care consumption and savings through coupons can change patient attitudes and eventually the outcomes. A review of insurance-claims data shows that so-called abandonment—when a patient refuses to purchase or pick up a prescription that was filled and packaged by a pharmacist—was up 55% in the second quarter of this year, compared with four years earlier. 

The phenomenon coincides with rising co-payments for many drugs and increasing enrollment in high-deductible insurance plans that require patients to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket before insurance kicks in. Prescription Cost Savings from Drug Coupons offer the much needed financial relief to patients and increase affordability and compliance with treatments resulting in better health. We advise consumers to take advantage of the available offers as much as possible and bring their costs of the treatments down and stay compliant with medication therapy for better health.