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Drug coupons by category

Medicine Name
Arnuity Coupon Arnuity
Biktarvy Coupon Biktarvy
Pfizer RX Pathways Pfizer Patient Assistance Program
Triumeq Savings Coupon Triumeq
Cough and Cold
Medicine Name
Allegra Coupon Allegra Allergy
Mucinex Expectorant, 600mg Mucinex Expectorant
Medicine Name
Belsomra Coupon Belsomra
Edluar Co-Pay Reduction Program Edluar
Estroven Nighttime, Caplets Estroven
Heel Neurexan, Homeopathic Insomnia & Restless Sleep Tablets Neurexan
Nuvigil Drug Coupon Nuvigil
Silenor Prescription Savings Program Silenor
Sominex Tablets, Nighttime Sleep-Aid Sominex
Intermezzo Coupon Zolpidem
Medicine Name
Accu-Chek Free Meter Accu-Chek
Accu-Chek Preferred Savings Card Accu-Chek
Afrezza Savings Coupon Afrezza
Tanzeum Coupon Albiglutide
Apidra Solostar Coupon Apidra
Apidra Coupon Apidra®
Basaglar Coupon Basaglar
Bayer Breeze 2 Meter Free Bayer Breeze 2 Meter
Bayer Contour Test Strips Bayer Contour
Bayer Contour USB Meter and Test Strips Bayer Contour Meter and Test Strips
BD Ultra Fine Nano Needles BD Ultra Fine Nano Needles
Get Free Contour® meter Contour®
Duetact Savings Card Duetact
Trulicity Coupon Dulaglutide
Jardiance Savings Coupon Empagliflozin
Synjardy Savings Coupon Empagliflozin and Metformin
Join The FreeStyle Promise® Program Today! FreeStyle
Huma Pen Luxura Free Coupon Huma Pen Luxura HD
Humalog Kwik Pen Free Offer Humalog Kwik Pen
Toujeo Coupon Insulin Glargine
Invokana Coupon Invokana
Janumet Coupon Janumet
Janumet XR Coupon Janumet XR
Januvia Coupon Januvia
Jazz Blood Glucose Test Strips Offer Jazz Blood Glucose Test Strips
Jentadueto Savings Card Jentadueto
Kazano Savings Card Kazano
Kombiglyze XR Savings Program Kombiglyze XR
Lantus Coupon Lantus
Levemir Savings Program Levemir
Metanx Savings Program Metanx
Nesina Savings Card Nesina
Novolog FlexPen Savings Coupon Novolog FlexPen
Novolog Mix 70/30 FlexPen Savings Offer Novolog Mix 70/30 FlexPen
OneTouch UltraMini Glucose Monitoring System, Silver Moon OneTouch UltraMini Meter
Get OneTouch Meter at No Charge : OneTouch® OneTouch®
Onglyza Savings Card Onglyza
Oseni Savings Card Oseni
Symlin Savings Program Symlin
Tradjenta Savings Card Tradjenta
Tresiba Coupon Tresiba
Victoza Savings Card Victoza
Medicine Name
Ciprodex Savings Coupon Ciprodex
Clindagel Clindagel
Factive Savings Card Factive
Moxatag Co-Pay Card Moxatag
Polysporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment Polysporin
Primsol Mail-In Rebate Primsol
Rifampin Capsules Rifampin
Spectracef Savings Card Spectracef
Medicine Name
AXERT Coupons and Free Trial Offer AXERT
Cambia Coupon Cambia
Excedrin Migraine Caplets, Pain Reliever Aid EXCEDRIN
Frova save up to $35 off your prescription FROVA
Maxalt Savings Coupon Maxalt
Maxalt Try-Before-You-Buy Offer Maxalt®, MAXALT® MLT
NatraBio Migraine Relief Tablets Migrane Relief
Relpax Co-Pay Card Relpax
Sinol Headache Relief Spray, Migraine Cluster Tension Sinol
Sumavel Prescription Savings Card Sumavel
Medicine Name
Antara Coupon Antara®
Crestor 30-Day Free Trial Coupon Crestor
Fenoglide Co-Pay Savings Card Fenoglide
Lipitor Coupon Lipitor®
Lipofen Coupon Offer Lipofen
Liptruzet Multiuse Savings Card and Free Trial Offer Liptruzet
Livalo Cost Reduction Offer LIVALO®
Lovaza Savings Coupon Lovaza®
Niaspan Savings Offer Niaspan
Praluent Savings Coupon Praluent
Crestor Savings Coupon Rosuvastatin
Simcor 30-Day FREE trial SIMCOR®
Slo-Niacin Coupon Slo-Niacin
Trilipix $15 Rebate Trilipix®
Vascepa Co-Pay Savings Card Vascepa
Get up to $20 off Vytorin®
Welchol Coupon Welchol®
Zetia Special Savings Offer Zetia®
Dermatological Products
Medicine Name
Acanya Coupon Acanya®Gel
Alcortin A Coupon Alcortin
Aloquin Coupon Aloquin
Atrapro Savings Coupon Atrapro
Botox Savings Program Botox
Caphosol Patient Resources Caphosol
Carac Patient Savings Card Carac
Clarifoam Rebate Clarifoam
Cutivate Savings Card Cutivate
Cuvposa Savings Card Cuvposa
Topicort Desoximetasone
Differin Coupon Differin
Divigel Savings Card Divigel
Ecoza Savings Coupon Ecoza
EpiCeram Savings Card EpiCeram
Epiduo Coupon Epiduo
EpiQuin Micro Savings Card EpiQuin Micro
Extina Savings Coupon Extina
Finacea Savings Card Finacea
Hydro Foam Savings Coupon Hydro Foam
Hylatopic Plus Cream Hylatopic
Juvederm Coupon Juvederm
Juvisync Special Offer Juvisync
Kerafoam Rebate Kerafoam
Latisse Savings Program Latisse
Locoid Coupon Locoid
Loprox Coupon Loprox
Luxiq Foam Savings Offer Luxiq Foam
Lysteda Savings Program Lysteda
Mederma Savings Mederma
Metrogel Savings Card Metrogel
Minocin Savings Card Minocin
Naftin Special Offer Naftin
Neosalus Savings Coupon Neosalus
Novacort Coupon Novacort
Olux-E Foam Savings Card Olux-E Foam
Onexton Savings Coupon Onexton
Oracea Savings Card Oracea
Ovide Lotion Rebate Offer Ovide
Promiseb Cream Rebate Offer Promiseb Cream
Recedo Gel Savings Coupon Recedo
Refissa Rebate Offer Refissa
Restylane Savings Program Restylane
Salacort DK Savings Program Salacort DK
Salkera Rebate Salkera
Salvax Savings Coupon Salvax
Sklice Savings Coupon Sklice
Solaraze Gel Savings Card Solaraze Gel
Solodyn Savings Card Solodyn
Stelara Savings Program Stelara
Sumaxin Rebate Offer Sumaxin
Taclonex Savings Card Taclonex
Save up to $50 on your VANIQA VANIQA®
Vanos Coupon Vanos® Cream
Vectical Coupon Vectical
Vivite Savings Program Vivite
Vusion Cream Savings Coupon Vusion
Women's Rogaine Savings Coupon Women's Rogaine
Ziana Savings Coupon Ziana
Zithranol RR Coupon Zithranol
Zovirax Cream Rebate Offer Zovirax Cream
Baby Care
Medicine Name
Coupon For Balmex® Diaper Rash Cream Balmex®
Enfamil Savings Program Enfamil
Mental Health
Medicine Name
Abilify Coupon Copay $5 Per Month Aripiprazole
Depakote Savings Card Depakote
Effexor XR $4 Co-Pay Commitment EFFEXOR XR
SAVE on your Fanapt prescription FANAPT®
Invega Coupon INVEGA®
Save Upto $50 LUVOX CR®
Save Up to $165 over 6 Months OLEPTRO™
Save up to $15% PRISTIQ®
Multi-use savings offer for SAPHRIS SAPHRIS
Free Trial Offer SEROQUEL XR
Save up to $50 STAVZOR®
Save Up to $480 on ZELAPAR Zelapar
Mental Health, Miscellaneous
Medicine Name
Save Up To $500 Per Month For Eligible Patients Vivitrol®
Save Up To $500 Per Month For Eligible Patients Vivitrol®
Medicine Name
Abreva Savings Coupon Abreva
Animi-3 Coupon Animi-3
Apriso Coupon Apriso®
Aricept Coupon Aricept
Arthrotec Coupon Arthrotec
Canasa Patient Savings Card Canasa
Vraylar Coupon Cariprazine
Celebrex Savings Card Celebrex
Cellcept Coupon Card Cellcept
Cesamet Savings Card Cesamet
Chantix Coupon CHANTIX
Cimzia Coupon Cimzia
Combivir Savings Card Combivir
Cosentyx Coupon Cosentyx
Denavir Savings Card Denavir
Diastat Savings Card Diastat
Lanoxin Savings Coupon Digoxin
Dilatin Savings Card Dilantin
Donnatal Savings Card Donnatal
Elmiron Savings Card Elmiron
Enbrel Savings Card Enbrel
Entresto Coupon Entresto
Epivir Savings Card Epivir
Epzicom Savings Card Epzicom
Estrogel Savings Card Estrogel
Free $25 Gift Card for Transferring Prescriptions Free Gift Card
Gralise Co-Pay Assistance Card Gralise
Granisol Savings Card Granisol
Harvoni Coupon Harvoni
Hectorol Savings Card Hectorol
Helixate FS Trial Program Helixate FS
HUMIRA Protection Plan HUMIRA
Infergen Co-Pay Savings Card Infergen
Jakafi Jakafi
Jakafi Savings Card Jakafi
Jalyn Coupon Jalyn
Jublia Coupon Jublia
Kapvay Instant Savings Card Program. Keppra XR
Kogenate FS - Free Trial Offer Kogenate FS
Kristalose Savings Coupon Kristalose (Lactulose)
Kuvan Free Trial Offer Kuvan
Letairis C0-Pay Assistance Program Letairis
Lexiva Savings Card Lexiva
Lialda Savings Card Lialda
Limbrel Coupon Limbrel
Lotronex Savings Program Lotronex
Luzu Savings Coupon Luliconazole
LYRICA Savings Coupon LYRICA
Makena Coupon Makena
Multaq Savings Card Multaq
Myfortic Savings Crad Myfortic
Namenda XR Coupon Namenda XR
Namzaric Savings Coupon Namzaric
Nascobal Coupon Offer Nascobal
Neoral Coupon Neoral
Neulasta Assist Program Neulasta
Nicoderm CQ Savings Offer Nicoderm
Nicotrol Savings Offer Nicotrol
Nitrolingual Pumpspray Savings Offer Nitrolingual Pumpspray
Nitromist Savings Offer Nitromist
Nplate Co-Pay Assistance Card Nplate
Nuedexta Savings Card Nuedexta
Nutropin Savings Offer Nutropin
Omontys Savings Program Omontys
Opdivo Coupon Opdivo
Pancreaze Savings Card Pancreaze
ZEMPLAR Coupon Paricalcitol
Pedialyte Coupon Offer Pedialyte
Potiga Savings Program Potiga
Prograf Value Card Program Prograf
Pulmozyme Co-Pay Card Pulmozyme
Pylera Rebate Offer Pylera
Ranexa Co-Pay Card Ranexa
Rapaflo Savings Card Rapaflo
Rapamune Co Pay Savings Card Rapamune
Rebif Patient Assistance Program Rebif
Remicade Coupon Remicade
Renvela Patient Assistance Program Renvela
Rescriptor Savings Card Rescriptor
Retrovir Savings Card Retrovir
Ribasphere RibaPak Co-Pay Savings Card Ribasphere RibaPak
Rilutek Savings Coupon Rilutek
Saizen Copay Savings Program Saizen
Sanctura XR Savings Program Sanctura XR
Sancuso Coupon Sancuso
Selzentry Savings Program Selzentry
Sensipar Savings Card Sensipar
SimponiOne® Cost Support Instant Savings Card Simponi
Somatuline Depot Savings Program Somatulene Depot
Somavert Co-Pay Savings Card Somavert
Suboxone Savings Card Suboxone
Suprep Bowel Prep Coupon Suprep Kit
Taltz Coupon Taltz
Tamiflu $10 Savings Card Tamiflu
Kerydin Savings Coupon Tavaborole
Tikosyn C0-Pay Savings Card Tikosyn
Trizivir Savings Card Trizivir
Uloric Savings Program Uloric
Vasculera Coupon Vasculera
Viracept Savings Card Viracept
Virasal Coupon Virasal
Xeljanz Coupon Xeljanz
Xgeva Savings Program Xgeva
Women’s Health
Medicine Name
Clindesse Clindesse
CombiPatch One-Month Supply Free CombiPatch
Elestrin Savings Card Elestrin
Enjuvia Savings Program Enjuvia
Estring Savings Program Estring
Evamist Savings Program Evamist
Gonal-f Savings Program Gonal-f
Lupron Depot Savings Offer Lupron
Minastrin Coupon Minastrin
Monistat Coupon Monistat
Nexa Prenatal Coupon Offer Nexa Prenatal Vitamins
Plan B Coupon $10.00 off 1 Plan B One-Step Plan B One-Step®
Premarin Cream Savings Card Premarin Cream
Medicine Name
Advair Coupon ADVAIR
Alvesco Coupon ALVESCO
Anoro Ellipta Anoro Ellipta
Arcapta Coupon Arcapta
Asmanex Coupon Asmanex
Breo Coupon Breo
Brovana Savings Program Brovana
Symbicort Coupon Budesonide/Formoterol
Cinqair Coupon Cinqair
Daliresp Copay Assistance Program Daliresp™
Special Multi-Use Savings Card for DULERA DULERA
Up to $20 Savings Coupon for Eligible Patients FORADIL AEROLIZER
Incruse Coupon Incruse
Combivent Savings Coupon Ipratropium and Albuterol
Up to $25 Off Patient Instant Savings Coupon Maxair® Autohaler®
Nucala Coupon Mepolizumab
Nasonex Coupon; $15 Instant Coupon Nasonex®
Relief Is Here Co-Pay Reduction Offer Omnaris®
Proair Coupon Proair
Save up to $15 on Proventil HFA PROVENTIL HFA
Eligible patients may save up to $20 on an eligible prescription for SINGULAIR SINGULAIR
Spiriva Coupon Spiriva
Tudorza Coupon Tudorza
The Breath for Less™ Savings Program Xopenex
Save $20 on your next prescription of XOPENEX HFA XOPENEX HFA®
Zetonna Savings Coupon Zetonna
Compliance Pays ZYFLO CR
Pain Fever Headache
Medicine Name
Avinza Co-Pay Coupon Avinza®
Naprelan Savings Offer Naprelan
Antihistamine - Hay Fever, Pain Fever Headache
Medicine Name
Coupon For Fentora: Save $100 Fentora®
Coupon For Fentora: Save $100 Fentora®
Skin Care
Medicine Name
Aczone Coupon Aczone®
Atralin Copay Reduction Offer Atralin
No Co-Pay Costs Avidoxy™ DK
CeraVe Savings Coupon CeraVe
Clobex Co-Pay Reduction Offer Clobex®
Steifel Savings Coupon Card Duac®
Erygel Savings Coupon Erygel
Fabior Coupon Fabior
Nicazel Coupon Nicazel
Otezla Savings Coupon Otezla
Sorilux Coupon Sorilux
Reflux, Heartburn
Medicine Name
Aciphex Coupon ACIPHEX
Nexium Coupon Nexium
Aciphex Coupon ACIPHEX
Nexium Coupon Nexium
Heartburn, Reflux
Medicine Name
Prevacid 24HR Action Program Prevacid®
Prevacid 24HR Action Program Prevacid®
Medicine Name
Prilosec Free Sample Offer Prilosec OTC
Medicine Name
Afinitor Coupon Afinitor®
BioOncology Co-pay Card Program Avastin
Darzalex Coupon Darzalex
Fareston Savings Card Fareston
Gleevec Patient Assistance Program Gleevec
Herceptin Co-Pay Card Program Herceptin
Nexavar Patient Assistance Program Nexavar
Ninlaro Coupon Ninlaro
Perjeta Patient Assistance Program Perjeta
Sprycel Support Program Sprycel
Tarceva Patient Savings Program Tarceva
Tasigna Patient Assistance Program Tasigna
Xalkori Co-Pay Assistance Xalkori
Xeloda Co-Pay Card Xeloda
YERVOY Coupon Yervoy
Zelboraf Savings Program Zelboraf
Zytiga Coupon Zytiga
Vitamins and Supplements
Medicine Name
Caltrate Instant Savings Coupon Caltrate
Thyroid Pills
Medicine Name
Synthroid Coupon Offer Synthroid®
Shampoos Medicated
Medicine Name
Zithranol Shampoo Coupon Zithranol Shampoo
Oral Hygiene
Medicine Name
Baby Orajel $1 Off Offer Baby Orajel
Non-Prescription Drugs
Medicine Name
Cetaphil Coupon Cetaphil
Multiple Sclerosis
Medicine Name
Ampyra Coupon AMPYRA®
Avonex Coupon: One Month Free Avonex®
Betaseron $0 copay Betaseron
Copaxone Co-Pay Solutions Copaxone
Extavia Savings Program Extavia
Gilenya Savings Program Gilenya
Orencia Savings Program Orencia
Ziagen Savings Card Ziagen
Medicine Name
Atripla Coupon ATRIPLA®
Complera Coupon Complera
Complera Coupon Complera
Complera Coupon Complera
Descovy Coupon Descovy
Tivicay Savings Coupon Dolutegravir
Egrifta C0-Pay Program Egrifta
Genvoya Coupon Genvoya
Intelence Coupon Intelence
Isentress Savings Program Isentress
Kaletra Savings Program Kaletra
Odefsey Coupon Odefsey
Prezcobix Coupon Prezcobix
Prezista Coupon Prezista
Reyataz Savings Coupon Reyataz
Stribild Stribild
Sustiva Coupon Sustiva
Truvada Savings Coupon Truvada
Antihistamine - Hay Fever
Medicine Name
Astepro Coupon Astepro®
Sudafed Coupon Offer Sudafed
Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular
Medicine Name
Aggrenox Coupon Aggrenox®
Atacand Coupon Atacand®
Right Fit Program Azor®
Benicar Savings Coupon Benicar
Benicar Savings Coupon Benicar HCT
Caduet Copay Assistance Card Caduet
Diovan Coupon Diovan®
Diovan HCT Coupon Diovan® HCT
Edarbi Coupon Edarbi
EDARBI & EDARBYCLOR Patient Savings & Support Edarbyclor
Edecrin Savings Coupon Edecrin
Epaned Savings Coupon Enalapril Maleate
Exforge Co-Pay Card Exforge
Micardis Savings Program Micardis
Micardis 30-Day Free Trial Micardis
Tarka Co-Pay Savings Tarka
Tekturna Patient Savings Program Tekturna
Tribenzor Coupon Tribenzor
The Right Fit Tribenzor®
Ways To Save Valturna
Erectile Dysfunction
Medicine Name
Cialis Coupon CIALIS®
Levitra Coupon Levitra
Viagra Coupon Viagra
Blood Thinners
Medicine Name
Brilinta Cost Savings Program Brilinta
Effient Co-Pay Assistance Program Effient
Effient 30-Day Free Trial Offer Effient
Eliquis Coupon Eliquis
Save on Pradaxa Pradaxa
Pradaxa Coupon Pradaxa
Xarelto Coupon Rivoraxaban
Savaysa Coupon Savaysa
Medicine Name
Androgel Coupon Androgel®
Get Your Free 30-day AXIRON Trial with the Promise Program Axiron
Fortesta Coupon Fortesta
Testim® Savings Coupon Testim
Medicine Name
Daytrana Savings Offer Daytrana
Focalin XR® Coupon Focalin XR®
Savings Coupon INTUNIV®
Kapvay Instant Savings Card Program. Kapvay
Metadate CD Coupon: Save $25 Metadate CD®
Quillivant XR Coupon Quillivant
Strattera Coupon Strattera®
Vyvanse Coupon Vyvanse®
Hair Growth
Medicine Name
Propecia Coupon Propecia®
ROGAINE® 4-Month Super Saver ROGAINE®
Medicine Name
Colcrys Savings Coupon Colcrys
Colcrys Co-Pay Assistance Coupon Colcrys®
Medicine Name
Cymbalta Coupon Cymbalta®
Deplin Savings Options Deplin
Latuda Savings Coupon Lurasidone
Marplan Patient Assistance Program Marplan
Pexeva Coupon Offer Pexeva
Rexulti Savings Card Rexulti
Trintellix Coupon Trintellix
Wellbutrin XL Coupon Wellbutrin XL
Medicine Name
Fosteum Coupon Fosteum
Prolia Savings Program Prolia
Medicine Name
Nuvigil Coupon Nuvigil®
Medicine Name
Actemra Coupon Actemra
Butrans Patient Savings Program Butrans
Duragesic Savings Card Duragesic
Exalgo Co-Pay Card Exalgo
Save up to $30 off your prescription* for FLECTOR Patch! FLECTOR Patch
Lazanda Co-Pay Savings Card Lazanda
Lazanda C0-Pay Savings Program Lazanda
Lidoderm Rebate Program Lidoderm
Nucynta Coupon NUCYNTA®
Onsolis Savings Offer Onsolis
Opana ER Coupon Opana ER
Oxaydo Savings Coupon Oxycodone
Pennsaid Co-Pay Savings Card Penssaid
Rimadyl Coupon Offer Rimadyl
Rituxan Coupon Rituxan
Rybix ODT CoPay Card Rybix ODT
Voltaren Gel Savings Card Voltaren Gel
Oral Contraceptives and Birth Control
Medicine Name
Beyaz Coupon Beyaz™
Generess Fe Savings Card Generess Fe
Lo Loestrin FE Coupon Lo Loestrin® FE
Loestrin Coupon Loestrin
Save on Natazia now! Natazia
NuvaRing Coupon $15 Savings NuvaRing
Safyral™ Coupon Bayer Savings Card SAFYRAL™
Yasmin Savings Card YASMIN®
Glaucoma & Eye Care
Medicine Name
Acuvue Contact Lenses Coupon ACUVUE®
Eylea Savings Coupon Aflibercept
Bepreve Rebate $10.00 OFF Bepreve
Combigan Rebate Offer Combigan®
Lacrisert Coupon Lacrisert
Lastacaft Savings Program Lastacaft
Lumigan Rebate Offer Lumigan
Ocuvite Savings Coupon Ocuvite
Pure Vision Savings Card Pure Vision Contacts
Restasis Savings Coupon Restasis®
Systane Coupon Offer Systane
Timoptic Savings Card Timoptic
Openings: Savings Card Program Travatan Z®
Xalatan Vision Matters Savings Card Xalatan®
Xiidra Coupon Xiidra
Zioptan Savings Card Zioptan
Medicine Name
Auvi-Q Support Program Auvi-Q
Clarinex Savings Card Clarinex
Dymista Coupon DYMISTA
Epipen Savings Coupon Epipen
Pataday Rebate Offer Pataday
Patanase Rebate Offer Patanase
Pazeo Coupon Pazeo
Qnasl Savings Coupon Qnasl
Medicine Name
Dexilant Savings Card Dexilant
Duexis Savings Plus Program Duexis
Protonix Savings Card Protonix
Weight Loss
Medicine Name
Belviq Drug Coupon Belviq
Belviq Continued Savings Card Belviq
Qsymia Savings Coupon Qsymia
Medicine Name
Apokyn Coupon Apokyn®
Mirapex ER Savings Mirapex ER
Stalevo Savings Program Stalevo
Medicine Name
Lamictal XR Lamictal XR
Oxtellar XR Coupon Oxtellar XR
Vimpat Coupon VIMPAT
Medicine Name
Amitiza Coupon Amitiza®
Analpram Coupon Analpram
Entyvio Coupon Entyvio
Medicine Name
Sovaldi Coupon Sofosbuvir
Lice and Crabs
Medicine Name
Ulesfia Lotion Coupon Ulesfia